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Livingstone to Zanzibar

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OK, so I've now finished the second part of my trip, which ends in Zanzibar.

Currently, I'm writing this blog while sat next to a rather fine beach, in glorious sunshine !

Overall, I'd say this was a better leg than the first one, although we did have a few problems ...

The internet is very slow here, so it's going to be a very short update !

Day 1 - 07 July - Livingstone (Zambia)

Technically this is the first day of the trip, although there's nothing to do for those of us who are carrying

on from the previous leg.

The new joiners have a 'team' talk, and get shown the Truck/tents, etc.

Our newbies are as follows -

Britt and Martin (couple from Denmark)
Karen, Maria, Phil (from Ireland, Phil is Maria's son)
Connie (cool 58 year old from Canada)
Bolke + Margarite (from Holland, also v. cool)
Liz (who's English, and ace, but slightly eccentric!)

The guys carrying on from the first leg are -

Ross, Niall, Beth, Fiona, Tatiana, Stephanie, Craig, Helen, christine, Bettina, Fabian

In all there are 21 guys on the trip (as opposed to 22 on the first leg), so we have 1 spare seat ... woohoo !!

Wen't horseriding today with Tatiana and Christine, for about 4 hours. My horse was called 'Happy'. It wasn't.

Had a very nice lunch, in a shaded herb garden.

Moved to hotel for 2 days, to get a bit of luxury !

08 Jul

Buffet breakfast in hotel = PIG OUT :)

Met a few of the new guys at the bar for lunch.

Did nothing much !

09 Jul

Longish drive to Choma. Meet rest of the 'newbies'.

New tour leader, Jason, gives us a 1 hour chat about the trip.

Karen seems like she might be a bit of a flirt :)

10 Jul

Another long drive to get to the Zambezi river camp site. We're going to do a 3 day canoe safari from here.

Play a few drinking games in the bar at night. Tatiana, Liz and Phil get really hammered !!

11 Jul

Day 1 of canoe trip. Highlight is seeing elephants crossing the river about 10 meters in front of us :)

I'm sharing my canoe with Tatiana, who's a good person to spend a day chatting to...

We paddle for about 6 hours in total.

At night 3 of us get sick after dinner (Me, plus Britt and Fabian), all at the same time and same symptoms

(vomitting and the runs - nice !).

12 Jul

Still feeling pants in the morning, so after half day canoeing, Me plus Britt+Martin, and Betina+Fabian get

dropped of at a village, and taken back to the camp site (about a 4 hour journey in a Landrover).

Sleep in hotel room for the night. Good kip.

13 Jul
Feel much better, and even have bacon and eggs for brekky !!

Fabian and Britt aren't so lucky - they are still ill.

The other guys arrive back at lunchtime.

Long drive to next camp, where I get eaten alive by mozzies !

14 Jul

We drive to Chipata, and a camp site called Mamarula's.

People have a few beers this evening, and we end up having a 'Truck Rave' - awesome :)

15 Jul

We go to South Luanga National Park to Flatdogs campsite.

There are elephants, hippos and monkeys IN the campsite, just wandering around !

Go for brilliant night safari drive, where we see a Leopard in action !

16 Jul

Early morning safari (not as good as night one).

Go for restaurant lunch with Ross and Niall - including best chili sauce ever !

At night we have a cake and drinks to celebrate Fabians birthday. As a present, he's actually feeling well for

the first time in days !

17 Jul

Most guys go to a local school project, but a few of us stay at camp and chill by the bar/pool.

Nice relaxing day.

18 Jul

Horribly early start (5am) to drive back to Chipata for breakfast, and then to Malawi.

Lunch is in Lilongwe (Malawi) where we stay in a really nice camp site. Went for a few beers with Ross, Liz +

Mark in the bar which turns into a bit of a session !

19 Jul
Drive to lake Malawi to stay at Kande Beach.

Lots of local guys on the beach try and sell you stuff they make (drums, bau games, chairs) which lots of the

group buy. I don't.

Got a room for next 3 nights :)

20 + 21 Jul

2 days at Kande Beach.

Lots of lazing about.

Highlight is a meal in the local village, with dancing and singing thrown in.

22 Jul

Stop at a local market on way to Chitimba (further up Lake Malawi), where we buy silly clothes for a bad taste

party. Get to do some serious haggling :)

I'm buying for Mark, and he gets a skirt, and a BAD shirt.

Craig buys for me and I get a dress that an 8 year old girl might wear ! There are photo's, which no-one will


Party at night, culminating in Strip Darts with Myself, Ross, Liz and Helen :) Survived with honour intact.

23 Jul

Drive (long one today) to Iringa in Tanzania.

Get a great local meal on arrival of spicy meatballs, maize and beans. All washed down with a few beers :)

24 Jul

Even longer drive today to Dar Es Salam, where we get lost for 6 hours !!

Dar is a bustling place - interesting place to get lost :)

Finally got to camp site at 11pm !

Stayed up till 2am having a beer with John, who meet's us again here. He's going to meet the newbies for the

next leg which has a 3 day crossover with this leg.

25 Jul

Pack small back for 4 days on Zanzibar.

Get local ferry from campsite to city, and then a 2 hour ferry ride to Zanzibar itself.

We stay in Stonetown for the afternoon/night, which is really cool. Lots of alleyways full of intersting


At night we go to the street market for food. Ace.

26 Jul

Tour of spice/fruit farm. See lots of spices growing (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, etc). Get great lunch

of spiced rice and fruit.

In afternoon, we drive to Nungwi, which is a resort in the North of Zanzibar.

27 Jul

All day snorkeling trip on a dhow. Great time swimming in local reefs (not as good as Australia tho).

Meet a few of the new group for the next leg, who seem nice but younger than the current group.

It's Jasons birthday, so we go for a beach BBQ (mainly seafood) at night, and get seriously drunk on lots of

cocktails !!

That's it for now, more updates when I can :)

Richard x

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